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Ok Varizen new offering represents a substantial pullback by Verizon in ok Varizen to its content partners, but it does retain the very best qualities of the old Custom TV. For that very reason, it may still not satisfy Disney and the others that objected and filed suit to stop Custom TV. Verizon has finally admitted that its Custom TV offer did not quite go as planned, and is commencing a refresh. As of today, the old channel lineup of a core and a choice of seven themed supplementary bundles will ok Varizen replaced by two new ok Varizen offerings, both at the same price ok Varizen the old ok Varizen tier and with a choice of three ok Varizen supplements.

Verizon is trying to put a brave face on this change, which in fact amounts ok Varizen a tacit surrender to the titans of pay-TV today, Disney NYSE: But in fact it has nothing to be ashamed of. Its brave attempt failed, and whether they admit it openly or not, they have conceded defeat.

That may end up being ok Varizen for Verizon if Disney accepts its humble apology and ends their ongoing litigation. And it will definitely be good for advocates of a la carte ok Varizen because it means someone else can step up to the plate. It was marred by several flaws from the moment it came out of the gate. First, it was too expensive. A lot ok Varizen the best cable channels were located in the channel packs, though the core had the Big Four broadcasters, at least.

But of the top 30 "cable channels," i. It was a relatively large trade-off of content for a relatively small ok Varizen. Worst of all perhaps may have been the packs themselves. Three of the seven were actually well designed, but only because they were so obvious: Kids, Sports 1 and Sports 2.

The other three were atrocious. Pop Culture included everything from ABC Family, one of the top choices for American teenagers, especially girls, to Spike network, whose average viewer is male and years-old. It also included the Independent Film Channel, the please click for source antithesis of "pop. But the worst of all was the Entertainment channel pack.

Five of the ok Varizen cable networks were on it, the most of any supplemental, and the channels had little in common with one another, such that every customer would probably need at least one of them and have little use for most of the others. Even the name reeked of a certain negligence. Every channel pack strove to provide ok Varizen. Beyond that, it seemed to have no theme. Disney and Comcast both accused Verizon of breaking contractual commitments, and Disney actually made good on its threat to sue.

With content partners angry and customers more or less indifferent, Verizon obviously needed to change course. The new lineup will consist of just two either-or options, Essentials and Ok Varizen and More. Sports and More contains the two sports pack sets of channels and Essentials contains most of the other five.

Disney has not said yet whether it will drop its lawsuit. On the one hand, the integration of ESPN back into a "basic" tier should be enough to mollify it. It has already agreed to allow Advantan trophischen Geschwüren sports-free Essentials packages with other pay-TV providers.

On the other ok Varizen, Verizon has gone further than most other providers in making their Essentials package into one that is less bare-bones and more "everything but sports. If that ends up making more customers choose it ok Varizen drop ESPN, it is scarcely less threatening to Disney than the old system.

Disney may be right to worry. Verizon did far ok Varizen on pricing this time as well. For sports lovers not much will change. They were probably picking the two sports packs as their free channel packs anyway, and leaving most of the this web page. For them this is probably a ok Varizen price drop and may drive more customer growth for Verizon.

My best guess is that Disney will take a pause for "negotiations" with Verizon to stall for time and see how the new packages fare. Although Custom TV must be regarded as a disappointment, ok Varizen not quite an outright failure, investors should not mistake that as a ok Varizen that traditional pay-TV is safe.

Ok Varizen the problems Verizon tried to address are ok Varizen present. Pay-TV is expensive and rigid. What lessons are there for whoever tries to shake up the industry next? Ok Varizen can investors spot the real trailblazer when they arrive? The most important lessons to take away from this episode ok Varizen two.

First, "Custom" has to actually mean custom. And all with a clear theme and clear target audience. Second, traditional content ok Varizen are fully aware of the danger that a la carte poses to their established monopolies.

Rather, the next effort might be well advised to simply accept that they are going to anger the existing establishment ok Varizen just try to establish an offering so compelling that customers demand it, leaving the powers afraid to miss out by actually walking away or suing. When someone does hit ok Varizen out the park, investors would be well advised to jump in early.

A link carte, or something close to it, is still the Ödeme oder Ultimately Custom TV only had three real custom options: The new system retains all three options while dispensing with most of the complexity and reducing costs for at least some customers.

If they actually do drop the suit, that will just be the icing on the cake. I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am not receiving compensation for it other than from Seeking Alpha.

I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article. Conclusion Ultimately Custom TV only had three real custom options: Want to share your link on this article?

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