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❶Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung|Symptome und Ursachen von Thrombophlebitis der unteren Extremitäten|Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung User manual User manual|SCENAR Therapy: + SCENAR & COSMODIC ® Uses | SCENAR COSMODIC Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung|Symptome und Ursachen von Thrombophlebitis der unteren Extremitäten. Varizen der unteren Extremitäten. Synonym: Phlebitis mit oder ohne nach Ausschluss einer.|SCENAR Therapy: 200+ SCENAR & COSMODIC ® Uses|Verstopfung der Venen der unteren Extremitäten Symptome und Behandlung]

To achieve optimal treatment success with your Wireless TENS device, you have to use it according to the treatment instructions in Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung user manual. Pain Toolkit booklet included in the packaging. Only the German version of the Pain Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung is Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung in the package.

If you want to have the English, French or Italian version, please go to www. English If you received a trial kit from our sales force, this kit Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung contain the mini USB cable. English important Varizen Statistiken über information Warning - This is a medical device.

Keep Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung device out of the reach of children. English - Do not apply stimulation over open wounds or rashes, or over swollen, red, infected or inflamed areas or skin eruptions e. If you do not end the treatment, you may experience an unpleasant sensation in your fingers. This sensation is not harmful, but Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung unpleasant.

If the rechargeable battery of the TENS units is not fully charged when you start a treatment, the batteries may run out during the treatment. We advise you to always fully charge the TENS units before you start a treatment.

Treatment is not possible when the TENS units are source. Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung Put the two AAA 1. Von traditionelle Krampfadern, die Medizin the batteries if you are not going to use the device for a month or more to prevent battery leakage.

EnglishThe screen prompts you to press the up arrow. Press the up arrow on the Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung. English setting the date and time If you want to Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung activity monitoring to keep track of your activity and treatment pattern, you have to set the date and time on your remote control. The date and time setting screen opens automatically on the display, with the date field highlighted.

English Use the down arrow to go to the time setting field. Press the OK button to be able to change the time set. Use the up or down arrow to choose the hour and press the right arrow to go to the minutes это Betrieb auf Krampfadern Bewertungen in St.

Petersburg спросила. English using the device attaching the electrodes and tEns units Make sure the skin you want to place the electrodes on looks healthy and is free from wounds or rashes. Do not place electrodes on red or inflamed skin and skin with open wounds, cancerous lesions or rashes. Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung Place the second electrode on the body part you want to treat.

In the case of PR, you can also place a third and fourth electrode on the body part you want Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung treat.

Always place the electrodes on the skin before EnglishIf you do not start the treatment see more 5 minutes, the TENS units switch off automatically.

Electrode Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung To receive maximum results from your stimulation, it is important to place the electrodes correctly. English - The home screen symbol: This symbol is highlighted when the home please click for source is displayed. Select this Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung to choose a treatment program. Select this symbol to set the treatment duration.

Select this symbol to check the battery status. If you want to change the program follow steps 1 to 3 above. In that case, treatment on both channels stops immediately. EnglishThe intensity level is shown in numbers above the left intensity button. The intensity level is also shown by the intensity level bar on the left side of the screen. English activity monitoring This additional feature available on the remote control allows you to check your activity pattern over a day, a week or a month.

Since activity and pacing are important elements in pain management, the activity monitor included in the remote control provides you with a tool to check how well you pace your activities. The PC application Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung allows your healthcare professional to set an activity target. English Peel the electrodes off the skin by Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung at the edge. Do not leave the electrodes on the skin overnight. If Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung develop skin irritation, try attaching the electrodes in a different spot.

Make sure that you move the electrodes to a different spot regularly so that you do apply stimulation at the same spot every day.

Do not immerse the electrodes in water. Clean the remote control, the charger, the TENS units and the extension cable PR only Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung a damp cloth and a mild cleaning agent, e. English Problem Possible cause Solution The electrodes The click have lost their adhesive have become power because they Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung dirty or detached from because they have been used for a the skin.

In this way you avoid the unpleasant 0 to end the unpleasant sensation when you touch sensation treatment the connectors of the TENS units English signals on the device Battery status indications on the remote control To check the battery level of the remote control or the TENS units, use the left or right arrow to highlight the battery icon on the menu bar. The battery screen opens and shows the charge level of the rechargeable battery of the TENS units on the left and the charge level of the batteries of the remote control on This may have several causes: The rechargeable battery of the TENS units is empty.

The battery status indicator flashes orange briefly when the rechargeable battery is empty and then the TENS units switch off. The battery status indicator flashes green when the TENS units are charging. Always replace the electrodes with electrodes Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung for this device by the Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung. New electrodes can be ordered Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung www.

Batteries of the remote control Replace the batteries of the remote control when the battery symbol on the display flashes. English ordering accessories To buy accessories or spare parts, visit www. You can also contact the Philips Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung Care Centre Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung your country. Electrodes You can order new electrodes on www.

Only use this device with the Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung, cables, electrodes and accessories recommended by the manufacturer. The electrodes are not covered by the terms of the guarantee because they Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung subject to wear and have to be replaced regularly. English - All plastic parts are marked with recycle symbols. English Explanation of symbols symbols on the Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung - This is the symbol for reference number.

The type plates on the remote control and the TENS units show the same type number. English - This symbol on the charger means: All devices and systems that include Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung transmitters or that intentionally apply RF electromagnetic energy must be labelled with this symbol. English - This symbol means: Conforms to EC Directives. Do not throw away with the normal household waste. It is shown next to the treatment status indicator. It is shown next to the battery status indicator.

English symbols on electrode bag - This symbol means: Do not use while driving, operating machines or performing Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung activities that may present a risk click here injury.

Do not use damaged or worn electrodes or Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung that have lost their adhesive power. They are designed to be used in typical domestic or clinical Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung. Electrode just click for source guide Fig.

Sie diese unter www. Hinterlassen Sie dazu unter www. Verwenden Sie den Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung, um zum Zeiteinstellungsfeld zu wechseln. Positionierungsanleitung am Ende dieser Bedienungsanleitung. In der Regel sollten die Elektroden auf oder nahe der learn more here Stelle positioniert werden.

Wenn Sie diese Kontraktionen jedoch als unangenehm empfinden, bringen Sie die Elektroden an einer anderen Stelle an. Tauchen Sie die Elektroden nicht in Wasser.

Schadens- oder Verlet- zungsrisiko besteht. Sammelstelle oder ein Service-Center, um den Akku herausnehmen zu lassen. DEutsch - Dieses Symbol bedeutet: Entspricht den EC- Richtlinien. Es befindet sich neben der Behandlungsstatusanzeige. Positionieren Sie die Elektroden nicht im Gesicht oder am Hals. Positionieren Sie die Elektroden nicht auf Ihrer Brust. Assistenza Clienti Philips del vostro paese. Pain Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung incluso nella confezione.

Se desiderate la versione in inglese, francese o italiano, visitate il sito www. I possibili effetti collaterali possono includere: Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung non concludete il trattamento potreste provare una sensazione sgradevole nelle dita. TENS burst gramma ma sul con- teleco- siglia- teleco- Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung del mando Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung trat- PR Perforieren Krampfadern Continuo- Produce Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung stimola- us Burst zione burst pulsata per minu- Stimola- favorire il rilascio di zione burst endorfine nel corpo Tipo di Fre- Tempo program- gram- gram- pro- quenza piezza prede- ma n.


Find information on medical topics, symptoms, drugs, procedures, news and more, written for the health care professional. Deep venous thrombosis DVT is clotting of blood click here a deep vein of an extremity usually calf or thigh or the pelvis. DVT is the primary cause of pulmonary embolism. DVT results from conditions that Bein am Behandlung Hause Geschwür trophic Foto zu Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung return, Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung to endothelial injury or dysfunction, or cause hypercoagulability.

Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung may be asymptomatic or cause pain and swelling in an extremity; pulmonary embolism is an immediate complication. Diagnosis is by history and physical examination and is confirmed by objective testing, typically with duplex ultrasonography.

Treatment is with anticoagulants. Prognosis is generally good with prompt, adequate treatment. Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung long-term complications include venous insufficiency with or without the postphlebitic syndrome. DVT occurs most commonly in medizinische Varizen Beratung lower extremities or pelvis see Figure: Deep veins of the legs.

Lower extremity DVT is much more likely to cause pulmonary embolism PE Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung, possibly because of the higher clot burden. The superficial femoral Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung popliteal veins in the thighs and posterior tibial and peroneal veins in the calves are most commonly affected.

Calf vein DVT is less likely click here be a source of large emboli but can propagate to the proximal thigh veins and from there cause PE.

Many factors can contribute to DVT see Table: Risk Factors Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung Venous Thrombosis. Cancer is a risk factor for DVT, particularly in elderly patients and in Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung with recurrent thrombosis.

The association is strongest for mucin-secreting endothelial cell tumors such as bowel or pancreatic cancers. Occult cancers may be present in patients with apparently idiopathic DVT, but extensive visit web page of patients for tumors is not recommended unless patients have major risk factors for cancer or symptoms suggestive of an occult cancer.

Estrogen receptor modulators eg, tamoxifenraloxifene. Factor V Leiden mutation activated protein C resistance. Upper extremity DVT occasionally occurs as part of superior vena cava SVC syndrome or results from a hypercoagulable state or subclavian vein compression at the thoracic outlet. Deep venous thrombosis usually begins in venous valve cusps. Thrombi consist go here thrombin, fibrin, and RBCs with relatively few platelets red thrombi ; without treatment, thrombi Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung propagate proximally Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung travel to the Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung. Much less commonly, acute DVT leads to phlegmasia alba dolens or phlegmasia cerulea dolens, both of which, unless promptly diagnosed and treated, can result in venous gangrene.

In phlegmasia alba dolens, a rare Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung of DVT during pregnancy, the leg turns milky white. Pathophysiology is unclear, but edema may increase soft-tissue pressure beyond capillary perfusion pressures, resulting in tissue ischemia and wet gangrene.

In phlegmasia cerulea dolens, massive iliofemoral venous thrombosis causes near-total venous occlusion; the leg becomes ischemic, Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung painful, and cyanotic. Pathophysiology may involve complete stasis of venous and arterial click the following article flow in the learn more here extremity because venous return is occluded or massive edema cuts off arterial blood flow.

Venous gangrene may result. Rarely, venous clots can become infected. Jugular vein suppurative thrombophlebitis Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung syndromea bacterial usually anaerobic infection Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung the internal jugular vein and surrounding soft tissues, may follow tonsillopharyngitis and Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung often complicated by bacteremia and sepsis.

In septic pelvic thrombophlebitis, pelvic thromboses develop postpartum and become infected, causing intermittent fever. Suppurative septic thrombophlebitis, a bacterial infection of a superficial peripheral vein, comprises infection and clotting that usually is caused by venous catheterization.

DVT may occur in ambulatory patients or as a complication of surgery or major medical illness. Among high-risk just click for source patients, most deep vein thrombi occur in the small calf veins, are asymptomatic, and may not be detected. When present, symptoms and signs eg, vague aching pain, tenderness the distribution of the veins, edema, erythema are nonspecific, vary in Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung and severity, and are similar in arms and legs.

Dilated collateral superficial veins may become visible or palpable. Calf discomfort elicited by ankle dorsiflexion with the knee extended Homans Honig Thrombophlebitis occasionally occurs with distal leg DVT but is neither sensitive nor specific.

Low-grade fever may be present; DVT may be the cause of fever without an obvious source, especially in postoperative patients. Symptoms of PEif it occurs, may include shortness of breath and pleuritic chest pain. Immobilization of lower extremity eg, due to paralysis, paresis, casting, or recent long-distance travel. Probability equals the number of factors, subtracting Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung if another diagnosis is as likely as or more likely than DVT.

Does this patient have deep vein thrombosis? Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung of the American Medical Association Common causes of Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung leg swelling that mimic DVT are soft-tissue trauma, cellulitis, pelvic venous or lymphatic obstruction, and popliteal bursitis Baker cyst that obstructs venous return.

Abdominal or pelvic tumors that obstruct venous or lymphatic return are less common causes. Use of drugs that cause dependent edema eg, dihydropyridine Ca channel blockers, estrogen, high-dose opioidsvenous hypertension usually due to right heart failureThrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung hypoalbuminemia typically cause symmetric bilateral leg swelling; however, swelling may be asymmetric if venous insufficiency coexists and is worse in one leg.

Common causes of calf pain that mimic acute DVT include venous insufficiency and postphlebitic syndrome; cellulitis that causes painful erythema of the calf; ruptured popliteal Baker cyst pseudo-DVTwhich causes calf swelling, pain, and sometimes bruising in the region of the medial malleolus; and Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung or complete tears of the calf muscles or tendons.

History and physical examination help determine probability of DVT before testing see Table: Diagnosis is typically by ultrasonography with Doppler flow studies duplex ultrasonography. The need for additional tests eg, d -dimer testing and their choice and Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung depend on pretest probability and sometimes ultrasonography results.

No single testing protocol is best; one Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung is described in One approach to testing for suspected deep venous thrombosis. Ultrasonography identifies thrombi by directly visualizing the venous lining and by demonstrating abnormal vein compressibility or, with Doppler flow studies, impaired venous flow. Only the most accurate tests should be used. If pretest probability of DVT is low, DVT can be safely excluded in patients with a normal d -dimer level on a sensitive test.

Thus, a negative d -dimer test can identify patients who have a low more info of DVT and do not require ultrasonography.

However, a positive test result is nonspecific; because levels can be elevated by other conditions eg, liver disease, trauma, pregnancy, positive rheumatoid factor, inflammation, recent surgery, cancerfurther testing is necessary.

If pretest probability of DVT is moderate or Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung, d -dimer testing can be done at the same time as duplex ultrasonography. A positive ultrasound result confirms the diagnosis regardless of the d -dimer level. Patients with an elevated d -dimer level should have repeat ultrasonography in a few days or additional imaging, such as venography, depending on clinical suspicion.

Contrast venography was the definitive test for the diagnosis of DVT Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung has been largely replaced by ultrasonography, which is noninvasive, more readily available, and almost equally accurate for detecting DVT.

Venography may be indicated when ultrasonography results are normal but Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung suspicion for DVT is high. Noninvasive alternatives to contrast venography are being studied. They include MRI venography and direct MRI of thrombi Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung T1-weighted gradient-echo sequencing and a water-excitation radiofrequency pulse; theoretically, the latter test can provide simultaneous views of thrombi in deep veins and subsegmental pulmonary arteries for diagnosis of PE.

Patients with confirmed DVT and an obvious cause eg, immobilization, surgical procedure, leg trauma need no further testing. Testing to detect hypercoagulability is controversial Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung is sometimes done in patients who have idiopathic or unprovoked DVT or recurrent DVT, trophische Geschwüre an den Fingern patients who have a personal or family history of other thromboses, and in young patients with no obvious predisposing factors.

Some evidence suggests that presence of hypercoagulability does not predict DVT recurrence as well learn more here clinical risk Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung. Screening patients with DVT for cancer has a low yield.

Selective testing guided by complete Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung and physical examination and basic "routine" tests CBC, chest x-ray, urinalysis, liver enzymes, and serum electrolytes, BUN, creatinine aimed at detecting cancer is probably adequate. In addition, patients should have any age- and gender-appropriate cancer screening eg, mammography, colonoscopy Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung is due.

Risk of recurrent DVT is lowest for patients with transient risk factors eg, surgery, trauma, temporary immobility and greatest for patients with persistent Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung factors eg, canceridiopathic DVT, or incomplete resolution of past DVT residual thrombus. A normal d -dimer level obtained after warfarin is stopped may help Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung a relatively low risk of DVT or PE recurrence.

Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung of venous insufficiency is difficult to predict. Anticoagulation with see more injectable heparin followed by an oral anticoagulant warfarinor a factor Xa or direct thrombin inhibitor.

Treatment is aimed primarily at PE prevention and secondarily at symptom relief and prevention of DVT recurrence, chronic venous insufficiency, and postphlebitic syndrome. Treatment of lower and upper extremity DVT is generally the same. All patients with DVT are given anticoagulants, initially an injectable Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung unfractionated or low molecular weight for a brief period, followed by Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung term treatment with an oral drug eg, warfarin started within 24 Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung 48 h.

Select patients may continue treatment with a low molecular weight heparin rather Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung switching to an oral Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung. Inadequate anticoagulation in the first 24 to 48 h may increase risk of recurrence or PE. Acute DVT can be treated Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung an outpatient basis unless severe symptoms require parenteral analgesics, other disorders preclude safe outpatient discharge, or other factors Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung, functional, socioeconomic might prevent the patient from adhering to prescribed treatments.

General Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung measures include pain control with analgesics, which may include short 3- to 5-day courses of an NSAID. Extended treatment with NSAIDs and aspirin should be avoided because Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung antiplatelet effects may increase the risk of bleeding complications.

In addition, elevation of legs supported by a pillow or other soft surface to avoid venous compression is recommended during periods of inactivity. Patients may Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung as physically active as they can tolerate; there is no evidence that early activity increases risk of clot Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung and PE and may help to reduce the risk of the postphlebitic syndrome. The anticoagulants see Figure: Anticoagulants and their sites of action.

Non- warfarin oral anticoagulants: LMWHs eg, enoxaparindalteparintinzaparin —see Table: LMWHs also have some Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung anti-inflammatory properties, which facilitate clot organization and resolution of symptoms and inflammation. LMWHs are typically given sc in a standard weight-based dose eg, enoxaparin 1. Monitoring is not reliable because LMWHs do not significantly prolong the results of global tests of coagulation. Furthermore, they have a predictable dose response, and there is no clear relationship between the anticoagulant effect of LMWH and bleeding.

Treatment is continued until full anticoagulation is achieved with warfarin typically about 5 days. Thus, LMWH may become an acceptable alternative to warfarin for some patients, although warfarin is likely to be the treatment of choice for most patients because of its low cost and oral route of administration.

UFH is given as a bolus and infusion see Figure: Treatment is continued until Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung anticoagulation has been achieved with warfarin. Complications of heparins include bleeding, thrombocytopenia less Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung with LMWHsurticaria, and, rarely, thrombosis and Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung. Long-term use of UFH causes hypokalemia, liver enzyme elevations, and osteopenia.

Spritzanleitung für die Anwendung einer Heparin-Fertigspritze zur Selbstinjektion (Österreich)

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